Our Mission Statement

To help kids choose to succeed at the highest level of life through sports.

Go Sports For Life is a place where athletic training meets leadership training.  Go Sports For Life is a “Bold Choice” that provides the environment for athletes to grow from the inside out.  With a focus on the “person”, Go Sports For Life demonstrates how having a foundation based upon “who we are” creates choices to perform life and athletics at the highest level.  We believe that every person has a vision, that every person dreams bold dreams, and that every person has what it takes to be a great leader!

As a participant in Go Sports For Life players develop courage to live their word, take responsibility for their actions, live from possibility and action, understand commitment, and realize the power of contribution.  Students will learn that when a person chooses to live based upon their commitments, achieving greatness which in turn, impacts others and makes a difference for many!

Go Sports For Life provides students with the opportunity to work with a variety of other student athletes, leadership coaches, and leadership trainers through a series of interactive exercises.  Every moment of the leadership training is designed to provide a clear understanding of how every choice a student makes impacts their life and the life of others.

At Go Sports For Life we believe that when we understand and trust ourselves, honoring the choices that have brought us to today, the approval of others will no longer be needed nor sought.  Fear will no longer dictate how we perceive ourselves and others.  Words of judgment will be replaced with words of gratitude.  Abundance will supersede over scarcity, abolishing the need to make others wrong and inferior.  And at last, we will be left with our ability to choose from love where every human being is valued.  We will see with new eyes the great, yet simple truth, that there is the same gift within every one of us – The gift to give love, be loved and make a difference!